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Why hire a coach?

People come to coaching because they want change.
Working with a coach as your partner, somebody who is totally committed to you and your success can accelerate and enrich your change process tremendously. A coach helps you gain a fresh perspective on how you perceive the world, your life. Getting support from a professional coach during this process might be the most right thing you ever do.


Welcome to Essence Leadership Coaching

What is missing in your life, the presence of which would have your life be more fulfilling? Where do you allow others, circumstances or beliefs hold you back? What would be different if you were your best self and did what is really yours?

Essence Leadership invites you to look inside and discover your uniqueness - your values, innate wisdom, strengths, passion and purpose. The more you understand about yourself, the better your decisions will be and the more effectively you will be able to implement those decisions.

Essence Leadership has the pulse on what it takes to create a life that is inspired by your heart and driven by your unique capabilities. As a leader of your life it all comes down to knowing who you are and how you want your life to be, and then creating the framework that informs the most effective actions - consistently. Our approach is profound and compelling - it is Coaching at its best: Highly experiential and sustainable. The coaching model meets the highest standards in the coaching industry worldwide. Our clients create the lives they want. The result: enormous satisfaction and worthy contributions. Jump Start YOUR life! [Contact us today] to arrange a complimentary initial coaching session.